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Maintenance: We can extend roof life up to 10 years, protecting your investment.

Your roof is an expensive part of your building that must be maintained. When you remove a roof, you are essentially demolishing part of your building. On average, roof life can be extended 5-7 years through maintenance.


Numerous factors; such as weather, foot traffic, and workmanship can affect your roofs performance and longevity. Locating and repairing problems before they become leaks is key. When water invades a roof system; the insulation begins to break down causing fasteners to protrude through membrane, ponding areas to form, and de-lamination of both insulation and membrane. Leaks can also damage structure and have a negative impact on workers in the form of mold


We are a full-service roofing company specializing in installation, leak repairs, and maintenance. Our goal is to maximize the life of your existing roof system using a pro-active maintenance program designed to save you money, prevent disruption in production, and avoid damages to property/assets.


Routine maintenance


New Construction

Asbestos- Removal of Hazardous waste to OSHA standards

Water Proofing

Roof Consulting

Custom Architectural Sheet Metal

We have Excellent References and will provide on Request



Evaluate and provide detailed roofing solutions for your project

Install according to manufactures spec

Adhere to state codes

Provide warranty’s

Will not interrupt daily business operations

Adhere to strict safety procedures.

Communicate with other trades to expedite a smooth operation and complete projects in a timely manner.

New Construction:

Install roofs to manufactures specs roof warranty

Adhere to construction schedules

Snow Removal


We would like to provide you with a free roof analysis in which one of our experienced servicemen will examine your roof system and provide you with a detailed report; complete with photos, maintenance recommendations, and proposals for needed repairs.

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